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About Us


The X-CEL Athletics coaching team is made up of coaches that are highly trained in the areas of health, fitness, and cheerleading. In addition, all X-CEL Athletics coaches have many credentials and certifications, and the gym is operating under the USASF rules. With a combined total of over 150 years in coaching, our athletes will benefit and excel from the experience and knowledge we have to offer.

Our Goal

To provide a high quality, professional, safe competitive cheer program to the athletes of Northern Ohio.

Our Mission

To encourage, promote and believe in the value of teamwork, leadership, learning, self-worth and confidence among staff and students through the sport of cheerleading in an effort to contribute to our future society.

Our Philosophy

When X-CEL Athletics was started in 2011, it was to fill a need for a high quality, well-run cheer program.  All employees of X-CEL are expected to be the best role models for our young athletes. And most importantly, teach our students at a safe progression.

But why all-star cheerleading? Well, in my experience, all-star cheerleaders are some of the most well-rounded athletes today. Many other coaches – softball, basketball, track & field as well as dance instructors have noticed the physical benefits that All-Star Cheerleading has given their team members when they become an X-CEL cheerleader. Our workouts are all encompassing – focusing on strength, flexibility, stamina, body awareness, and posture – all while having a whole lot of fun!!!

We want only the best for our cheerleaders – top coaches, top facility and a top quality program. Our mission will continue to separate us and help us to produce not only winning cheerleaders but winners in life!